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Bailey Park 55+ Community - A maintenance-free retirement community for adults 55 and over in Benton, PA!

Living at Bailey Park 55+ Community is A Wonderful Life

Enjoy a wonderful life at Bailey Park 55+ Community of Benton, PAWhat happens when people move to Bailey Park 55+ Community? Suddenly "It's A Wonderful Life", because moving to this active adult community opens up possibilities. We take care of unwanted tasks, get rid of all the needless worries, and surround you with resources and inspiration. Bailey Park 55+ Community gives you peace of mind and more free time for the people and things you love most. Bailey Park will give you the best of both living in picturesque surroundings with access to larger communities of culture, shopping and fun. Bailey Park 55 plus is truly "A Wonderful Life".

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Myth: Crossing your Legs Gives You Varicose Veins

Reality:  If only it were that simple.  Unfortunately, the formation of varicose veins is pretty much out of your control:  Those gnarled, enlarged, dark purple veins often found on your legs and feet are the work of the weakend valves and for some women, hormonal changes.

When veins are functioning properly, they return blood from your body to your heart to be recirculated.  The veins in your legs work against gravity, so tiny valves open as blood flows up toward the heart, then close to stop the blood from flowing backwards, according to the Mayo Clinic.  As you age, veins lose elasticity and valves may weaken, so blood flows backwards and pools, and your veins enlarge and become varicose.  Female hormones also tend to relax vein walls; family history and obesity contribute as well.

Some experts consider standing in the same position for long periods of time as a potential risk factor (because blood doesn't flow as well).  Bust crossing your legs is not an issue.

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